Stabiliser systems designed for specific proteins

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd. has been working on novel stabiliser formulations designed for specific proteins for many years, and our name continues to be associated with high quality stabilisation systems for many applications. Some of these applications include:

  • Disposable biosensors
  • Re-usable biosensors
  • Antibody based optical diagnostic tests

We continue to get enquiries from customers that ask us for a stabiliser solution that will stabilise all proteins. Although we cannot supply one solution that stabilises “ALL”, we are now in a good position to market our new stabiliser range that targets individual proteins.

This list is not exhaustive and is being updated continually.

Product Code Description


Antibody Stabiliser Solution


This stabiliser has been successfully used to stabilise: HRP-conjugated antibodies, Colloidal gold linked antibodies. This stabiliser is an integral part of the AET STKED stabiliser kit, designed to stabilise proteins in the dry state.


This stabiliser has been successfully used to stabilise: Polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies in cardiac diagnostic kits in the dry state.


ALP-Conjugated Antibody Stabiliser


HRP-Conjugated Antibody Stabiliser


Monoclonal Antibody Stabiliser


Polyclonal Antibody Stabiliser


This stabiliser has been successfully used to stabilise a wide range of antibodies: monoclonal, polyclonals and conjugated antibodies in solution. This solution negates the requirement for refrigeration of antibodies during transportation.

AET produces and supplies clients with bulk quantities of final stabiliser formulations. We have the production facilities to handle upto hundreds of litres or hundreds of kilos of stabiliser formulations.

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