November 2017

Sun Chemical offers Gwent biosensors for the measurement of glucose, sucrose, fructose (low sugar concentration in various fruits and vegetables), and pyruvate (pungency of onions).

We are introducing our technology to the Industry at:

Onion & Carrot Conference

Tuesday 14th November 2017

The Onion and Carrot Conference will be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre:

East Midlands Conference Centre
Beeston Lane
The University of Nottingham

This Conference is organise by the British Growers Association to raise the profile of UK horticulture by encouraging a greater understanding of the industry and its importance to the UK economy. UK Horticulture is a major employer, an important source of investment and an integral part of the UK food supply chain.  

Make a note in your diary and visit our stand.


January 2015

Printing Workshops

  • Standard Screen-Printing Course
  • Screen-Printed Biosensor Course
  • Electroluminescence Lamp Printing Course

For further information please contact us on +44 1 495 750505 or E-mail us at

October 2011

Payment by Credit Card.

we now accept all major credit cards

The Gwent Group now has available for customers an online video conferencing system using SKYPE, for face to face discussions with our sales or technical teams For contact details please call us on +44 1495 750505 or E-Mail us at

Sept 2010

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd


A New Range of Thermophillic and Novel Mutant Enzymes

Alcohol Dehydrogenase : Optimum working temperature 65C used for the detection of primary alcohols/ biosensor applications.

Pyrrolindine carboxyl peptidase (PCP): Optimal working temperature 50C used for the hydrolysis of N-terminal pyroglutamate residues from peptides and proteins.

Bromoperoxidase: Optimal working temperature greater than 60C. Used for the bromination of hydrocarbons and used as a direct replacement for the detection of H2O2 by horseradish peroxidase in diagnostic kits. Also used as an anti-bactericidal reaction system. Highly stable in organic solvents.

Fructose-1,6-Bisphosphate Aldolase, Type II: Optimal operating temperature 60C. Used in chiral chemical applications for the formation of carbon carbon bonds.

A range of Nitroreductases used for the detection of Trinitrotoluene (TNT) & RDX (royal demolition explosive)/ used in biosensor applications. Detection levels parts per trillion.

July 2010

New Range of Stabilisers and Stabilised Enzymes

April 2009

The Gwent Group now has available for customers an online video conferencing system using SKYPE, for face to face discussions with our sales or technical teams. To arrange a conference call please contact us on: +44 1 495 750 505

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June 2006

New antibody stabilisation solutions have been launched by Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd.. These solutions enable the storage of antibodies during transport without the requirement for refridgeration. This solution can be used for a broad range of antibodies monoclonal, polyclonals and conjugated antibodies. Other formulations are available for the stabilisation of antibodies in the dry state.

New enzymes are added to the catalogue of pre-stabilised enzymes. These include cholesterol oxidase, cholesterol esterase, glucose dehydrogenase and acetylcholine esterase.

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd is in the process of starting two framework 7 European projects SPIESDETOX, & Nanosecure.

A Home office funded project CBRN Rapid Detection of Organophosphates and a DTI funded grant MNT Sensacell-tox.