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Protein Stabilisation Kits

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd manufactures and markets a range of enzyme/protein stabilisation kits. This is the result of more than 15 years of expertise in the field of protein stabilisation. The data supporting the composition of these kits has been accumulated from a combination of Smart Awards, European Commission funded projects, TSB grants and a multitude of client contract research projects.

Five kits are currently manufactured by AET. One is a generic customised kit, which contains 23 formulations (STK0001) and stabilises proteins in the dry and solution states. The rest are smaller tailor-made kits containing 9 stabiliser formulations each. They have been designed to stabilise enzymes in the dry state (STKED), enzymes in solution (STKES), antibodies (STKAB) and one kit contains pharma-approved formulations (STKPH).

These formulations meet the majority of the stability issues encountered by clients working both in industry and academia. The flexibility of the kits allows the investigator to use their own buffer systems, pH, ionic strength etc. The formulations are made up in a concentrated form thus allowing for use with different buffer compositions and pH criteria. To date AET has stabilised over 50 enzymes/proteins in both liquid and dry forms.

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd. Protein Stabilisation Kit (product number STKED)

AET currently distributes directly from the head office in the UK Gentaur a Benelux based distributor and the distributors of Gwent Group Contacts

Industrial Applications

Listed below are some of the examples in which our stabilisation technology is currently being used and can be used in the future.

  • Biocatalysis Industry
  • Bioremediation Industry
  • Biosensor Industry
  • Cosmetics Industry
  • Diagnostics
  • Human Healthcare
  • Hygiene Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry

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