Contract Research

Does the activity or shelf life of your protein cause problems with your final product formulation?
If so, AET can provide the answer.

Protein Stabilisation

AET is fast becoming the leading company world-wide in the field of protein stabilisation. Our research is currently assisting:

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • diagnostic companies
  • biosensor manufacturers
  • enzyme producers
  • agricultural / food companies
  • biotechnology companies
  • instrument manufacturers

The enzyme/protein groups studied and successfully stabilised are listed below:

Unconjugated polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies, Horseradish Peroxidase-Conjugated Antibodies
Alkaline Phosphatase conjugated antibodies,

Esterases                  Hydrolases                Oxidoreductases                  Peroxidases              Luciferase
Kinases                     Lipases                      Phosphatases                      Proteases                  Oxidases

Most of the enzymes listed above have been stabilised individually. However, certain enzymes have been successfully combined to make stable working enzyme cocktails. Most contract research has led to the generation of stable enzyme formulations from between 50 days to over 18 months at temperatures of up to 50°C. The data generated by AET addresses both the issues of increased shelf life and the operational stability of the enzyme system in question.


AET are providing solutions to:

  • improve protein stability
  • increase product shelf life
  • remove the need for refrigeration
  • improved operational stability
  • increase activity of your preparation
  • reduce manufacturing costs

Bio-Sensor Applications

In addition to protein stabilisation, AET also offers biosensor-manufacturing expertise, with liquid dispensing expertise and sensor fabrication knowledge. As we are preparing to launch our first biosensor system for detection of ammonia in river water together with our sister company Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd., we understand the difficulties that can be encountered with all aspects of biosensor fabrication and are therefore in a position to offer advice and consultancy services in this area.


Each feasibility study will be a minimum of 10 days at a fixed daily rate.

For more information on our contract reasearch service and how we can help you with your specific requirements, please Contact AET.