Stabilised Enzymes

By using our in-depth experience and knowledge, Gwent Group offers a range of stabilised enzyme systems and stabiliser solutions as off-the-shelf products.  These materials are manufactured within a tightly controlled environment. 

E2041126P2 - Stabilised Acetyl Cholinesterase, Source: Electrophorus electricus Type VI-S (Electric Eel)

E2081204D1 - Stabilised Alcohol Oxidase, Source: Pichia pastoris

E2060712P2 - Stabilised Cholesterol Oxidase, Source: E. coli

E2061204P2 - Stabilised Glucose Oxidase, Source: Aspergillus niger

E2030703P1 - Stabilised Lactate Oxidase, Source: A.viridans

E2051212P1 - Stabilised Peroxidase, Source: Horseradish

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