Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Pastes

A polymer coating that includes nano surface-engineered graphenes, which is a viable alternative to indium tin oxide (‘ITO’). The Graphene material is an inexpensive, flexible, conductive coating that can be produced in commercial quantities, enabling the potential replacement of ITO.
Using graphene enabled inks, electronic circuitry and wiring can now be printed on flexible backgrounds, effectively changing many paradigms of the electronics industry and facilitating new products. Graphene enabled inks/pastes are available in formulations for ink jet, flexographic printing and sensors technologies.
Nearly all touch-screen devices such as mobile phones and sat navs, use ITO, which a rare, volatile, and geopolitically sensitive material as their key transparent conductive component. However, ITO’s physical and geographical limitations mean the industry is hungry for a replacement material. ITO enabled devices are limited by the brittle nature of indium, which impedes the design flexibility necessary in 21st century applications and devices.
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Carbon Graphene Pastes

A low resistance Graphene modified Carbon based paste

Carbon Graphene Paste (< 20 ohms/sq normalised to 25μm)

A very low resistance Graphene modified Carbon based paste

Carbon Graphene Paste (< 10 ohms/sq normalised to 25µm)

Transparent Conductors

A graphene enhanced transparent electrically conductive polymer material.

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