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If you would like the opportunity for yourself or your company to work for us as a distributor, please contact the Managing Director L. D. Embury on +44 (0)7785 931320 or E-Mail to:- : .You need to be skilled in marketing or Importing and are capable of independent working. Have an existing knowledge of the type of products that we manufacture to help expand our customer base.

October 2011

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Roll to Roll

We have now available new pastes that can be printed using continuous roll to roll processes, these pastes after printing are electricaly conductive and can also be electrochemically active. For a preview of the new high speed electronic printing process see our video of bio-sensor production at 30 Meters per min.

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Rotary Screen printing

Our group is in the late development stages and pilot scale runs with a number of inks suitable for the continuous printing of electroluminescent lamps, biosensors, circuits, etc.

Silver /Silver Chloride pastes

We have developed a new range of more conductive Silver/Silver Chloride Pastes, in a different ratios of Silver metal to Silver Chloride powder

Heavy Metal detection

We have developed a new Carbon/Graphite Paste for heavy

metals detection.

Graphene pastes

Graphene based pastes with properties that now quickly enable its customers to use graphene in a wide range of applications.

These new graphene pastes enable the commercialisation in the near future of smart packaging, printed batteries, electrochemical sensors, flexible displays and potentially touch screens



We have developed a range of materials suitable for plastic electronic structures. This product range includes conductive as well as insulative inks. Using our special technology we can produce materials for reel to reel printing, materials for flexible circuits, materials for flexible solar cells, materials for printable batteries and many other applications

A new range of Bio-sensor inks has just been released. These have been developed especially for disposable glucose sensors. They have went used in combination exceedingly low CV values and low background current, thus enabling rapid accurate measurements. The system consists of a Carbon paste, a dielectric overcoat and if required, a silver paste to go under the carbon to enhance conductivity. Additionally water based materials are now possible for biosensor products. Please contact us for full technical details for this new exciting product range.

A new range of materials for the Electroluminescent market. A full range of various coloured Phosphor Pastes that are conrolled to colours of CIE 1931 using x,y parameters. A Dielectric Paste that gives the reflectance and high capacitance that is needed. A Silver Based Paste to contact onto ITO coated polymer film. A highly Conductive Carbon Paste to act as the other electrode. This can be complimented with a silver layer for larger panels. Dielectric and phosphor pastes are also available for high brightness and long life panels. Please contact us for full technical details for this new exciting product range or use this direct link to our Electroluminescent Catalogue:- Electroluminescent Product Catalogue


Video conferencing

Sun Chemical Printed Electronics now has available for customers an online video conferencing system, for face to face discussions with our sales and our technical teams. To arrange a conference call please contact us
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