Sensor printing

We offer a full screen printing service for sensor manufacture, for either polymeric or high temperature substrates in a Class 100 Clean Room; many customers use this route for feasibility studies, during the research and development  phase or prior purchasing their own screen-printinSensor Imageg equipment.

At Gwent Group we have the capability and expertise to provide you with sensors and materials in small or big batches; we can provide the design of plant and processes for printing, materials manufacture or associated areas.
Our company also offers a special service to make materials to exact customer requirements so that our customers may have a fully optimised material for their sensor, plant and process.

Our experience will save you time and money during the initial stages of sensor design and development.

Gwent Group prides itself on high standards and quality we have obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for the development, design and manufacture of medical devices.

Please have a look at our Technical Capabilities and our Biosensor Brochure. Filing in this Questionnaire will help us quickly identify your needs in terms of sensor design and materials. Otherwise please contact us by using our Online Form or email direct to